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Implementing the National Conservation Status Pledges of the EU Nature Directives

Workshop in Bonn on 25-26. May 23

This expert conference is addressed to representatives of federal and state authorities in the field of nature conservation, Biological and Natura 2000 stations and Natura 2000 management experts.
The conference focuses on needs arising from the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, in particular the target of ensuring favourable conservation status for protected species and habitats or at least improving the conservation status or trend.
To this end, EU Member States have to submit national pledges by the end of February 2023 to the European Commission to prioritize the species and habitats whose conservation status or trend should be improved by 2030. In the course of 2023, reviews of the pledges are planned in biogeographic seminars with the European Commission. 
In light of implementing future measures to enhance conservation status, the following questions arise: 

  • What species and habitat restoration measures are already being implemented in other EU member states and what good practices can also be implemented in Germany that lead to the improvement of conservation status?
  • Which good practice examples for restoration measures (related to species and habitat conservation status) and cross-border planning mechanism exist across the EU?

The conference will take place at the offices of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in Bonn, Germany. Please note that the event will take place in English.


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